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Build. Distribute. Monetize your podcast.

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Podcasting is not easy. The time spent creating content usually goes without credit and is consumed very quickly! CMS developed a product that works well for creators, listeners and advertisers! Content creators enrolled in our program can earn up to $40 per thousand downloads while not charging the listener one cent!

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There are 3 levels to the DJ apps we develop.

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Building and maintaining a mobile app is not an overnight process. However once you achieve the trust of an audience through consistant and quality content the reward is much more then simply joining the latest social media app. CMS is able to help DJ's of all levels build a mobile solution that works best for them. Share your mixes, merchandise and events with the people who are actually your fans.

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Logo design. Business Cards. Brochures. Flyers. Design for all screens.

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Building a business identity starts with a great logo. A great logo is one that is recognized and remembered. Have CMS build the right logo for you. Our talented design staff will work with you to get the right fit. Once you have a great logo we can then begin to build all your other print and graphic needs.

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Digital music prepared to sell on iTunes, BeatPort and more.

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COMING SOON! CorhDistribution will not only be the place to master your final tracks but distribute them also! We are in the era of digital music distibution talk to one of our music reps to help you place your music.

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