Learn about us and what we do best.


Our mission


Our Mission is simple. To provide our clients with the best business identity possible! We commit ourselves to excellence in every area of our business. Top notch customer service, superior pricing and outstanding work. Our goal is to make your vision come alive through design!

So who are we?


CMS is a Toronto based media firm with a creative vision to make any project come to life. We are always on top of the latest technology to help our clients be more efficient and increase productivity. CMS is a "one stop shop" for all of your media needs. We can handle all your media, design and production needs from beginning to end. Whether it be as small as designing a business card or as large as scoring a movie, CMS can handle the job. Graphic design, web, print, audio and video are all under one roof so you don't need to explain your brand multiple times to different companies. With CMS you just need to explain yourself once and we handle the rest! Just press GO!



CMS is a "boutique" media firm with a small staff that plays big! We are able to minimize the bureaucracy which helps us move more efficently without the "broken telephone" effect that many larger companies have. Your message is accurately delivered throughout the company with the utmost care and consistency, this is how we are able to create seemless branding for all your products whether it be print, web, audio or video designs!



CMS clients enjoy the benefits of having a top notch media firm at their fingertips almost 24 hours a day. No job is too small as we are able to turn projects around on very short notice. Our wireless agents work around the clock to make sure our clients are taken care of. They have the responsibility to make sure our clients needs are met in the most painless way possible. If that means an agent has to drive to your office to pick up or drop off an order, then they will be there. We don't believe in waiting for clients to come to us, we go to them to make sure their experience with CMS is a comfortable one.

Our History

The concept of the company was created by it's founder Edward Mason. Mr Mason's vision was to create a media firm that could handle and design a vision, with a simple, seamless workflow for the client.
CMS identity began work on one of the company's first major corporate projects. The Steve Nash Charity Classic at the Air Canada Center. Every program distributed at the event was a CMS product.
The CMS corporate portfolio continued to grow with the addition of new clients E1 Music and Canafoam Casuals. Major producers of media and outdoor furniture, CMS was able to help these clients produce quality marketing materials and protect thier bottom line at the same time!
CMS identity expanded thier design mandate to cover VIDEO. Now the CMS vision was complete. Graphic design, web design, print, audio and video all under one roof with a seamless and simple workflow.
The grand opening of the new CMS head office and the launch of The new corporate office opened to serve our clients better. Add in a new website and a fresh ad campaign CMS will hit new heights in 2011!